I wish to thank, and show all my gratitude towards, all those true supporters who stood by our team last Sunday in the derby game against Hotspurs. It was comforting to hear some familiar voices from the stands, especially since events in that particular game were occurring thick and fast against our team. I am sure that no one can dispute the fact that this team does not lack fighting spirit and will fight and give their all whatever is thrown against them. These last two games are proof of that. Keep behind our boys because they deserve, and have earned your faith in them through sheer resilience and a never say die attitude.

I would also like to salute Hotspurs committee, supporters and players. We showed that when it really matters people from Victoria can and will be leaders, and protagonists in whatever they embark in. Let's sit around a table together, find common ground, and forge ahead with the idea of a united Victoria.

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