The final round fixture against St. Lawrence began as scheduled last Friday. Predrag Djordjevic scored an excellent free kick to give the Blues a 1-0 lead. However, on 6 minutes, the floodlights failed and the game was abandoned. The fixture was rearranged and played at Kercem Stadium last night.

The Blues started well and immediately put pressure on the Spurs defense. But on 10 minutes we were behind after a counter-attack which we defended poorly.

At half time the floodlights went off. The situation was becoming a joke as we were told that the lights could only continue to work at half power.

The teams decided to play, and we continued to create chances in the second half, forcing save after save and hitting the crossbar late on as well. St. Lawrence made use of the small pitch and got everyone behind the ball to defend their lead. In the end we were unable to find the goal and Spurs had their win.

Next game is the final derby against Oratory. Kick-off is Saturday at 4pm. See you at Gozo Stadium.

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