The GFA will be holding a Council Meeting in which it will propose new competition rules for next season. It will propose that the 1st division be increased to 8 teams, and the 2nd reduced to 6 teams. The leagues will be played over 4 rounds, but the 1st division will be divided into two pools, the Championship Pool and the Relegation Pool. Two rounds will be played normally between the 8 teams, and two rounds between the 4 who will be either in the championship or relegation pool.

This new format will probably find the approval of the 'big' in Gozitan football as this will help them maintain their first division status. Also it is rumoured that Ghajnsielem will find a way back to the first division after having been relegated to the 2nd division. This is due to the reluctance of 2nd division teams to get promoted. One has to point out that the statute stipulates that in such situations it is the the team finishing 2nd in the second division who has the first option for this extra place, then the 3rd place, 4th, etc. The team relegated from the 1st division comes last. Thus if the 2nd divison teams refuse to play in the 1st division, Ghajnsielem will be back among the big boys. 

This proposal will certainly create a lot of discussion with some clubs in favour and others against. We think that this proposal has its advantages and disadvantages and so the GFA must give the Gozitan teams enough time to discuss it internally in their respective committees.