Its been a long coming but finally we can say that we have reached the promised land. When I became President, nine years ago, the obtaining of a piece of land to build a decent club had been my main priority. Other priorities were establishing the senior team as one of the main teams in Gozo, and restructuring of the youth system. The first two did not take long to become a reality but the piece of land and permits to build a club remained a mirage. Many lost faith in this quest and others lost faith in me.

I never gave up but sincerely I found one hurdle after another to climb and in some instances I felt drained. It was so frustrating seeing other clubs getting what they wanted with less effort and less time. Do not take me wrong, I wish that whenever a voluntary organisation asks for help, if justified, everything should be done for it to be helped. Together with the permits, we have also succeeded in acquiring funds from the Gozo Ministry and valium injection psoas spasm the Good Causes Funds.

Here I feel that I have to thank certain people for their help:
Fundamental for the issuing of the permits was Victoria's Mayor, Dr Samuel Azzopardi. Crucial in helping us with MEPA and also in the acquiring of the land in question. Also special thanks must be given to Onor Frederick Azzopardi.
Thanks go to the Gozo Minister Onor Giovanna Debono. She backed our cry for help and when push came to shove she backed her words with action and allocated a substantial sum for the building of the club.
Also thanks to Onor Frederick Azzopardi who played a central role in the club obtaining funds from the Good Causes Funds. Also thanks must be given to the Minister of Finance Onor Tonio Fenech.
Thanks also to Club Secretary Mr Keith Vella Muskat, Mrs Joyce Dimech, Architect Steve Scicluna and Mr Paul Lanzon.

Its been a long time coming but I am sure that its been worth waiting for. A new era comes to S.K. Victoria Wanderers. Now together we will build our new home.

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